Tuesday, September 2, 2008


What I should be thinking about at the present time:


What I am thinking about:

Totally gonna ace my exams.

Blind folded.

With hands tied behind my back.

While Drunk.

And Stoned.

With Jensen Ackle's tongue in my ear.

While Miley Cryus songs blare to Japanese Karaoke.

Doing it without the above stimulation could prove a challenge though.

Well I am doing my year 12 at two shitty tafes so I'm sure the weekly bomb threat evacuation will rescue me. Yay yay yay to Government schooling.

Oh and one more 3am final thought-

Mmmmm........weapons of mass destruction found.

tehehe. yummy.

Fucking insomnia.

1 comment:

NH said...

sausage fest. wrong.

Studying for exams is a form of cheating. Ignore them, you'll eventually realise how pointless they were.