Saturday, February 16, 2008

What did you expect?

It's finally FINALLY the weekend!!!! Last week I was rouseabouting in a shearing shed everyday from 7.30am till 5.30pm and I thought my back was going to just completely splinster in half and the lice bites upon my arms would eventually just engulf my entire body, leaving me a walking-pussy-red-scabby-creature with no other option but to audition for Australian Idol (because that's what disgusting creatures with no other prospects do).
On Valentine's Day I admit, yes, that I did hopefully look at my phone rather too often to see if any secret admirers had finally given into their burning temptation of declaring their undying love for me (a love proposal through a text message is still a love proposal), but....sadly......nooo....another lonesome year is my fate yet again.
I'm starting to get rather shitty though. Because ever since embarking upon this 'fresh start' in my new home of stormy, windy and all-round yucky weather in South East Queensland, I have done nothing but work or do school work.
It's Sunday morning and right now I should be either hungover on the couch watching Family Guy or fast asleep in bed still in the full going out clothes from the night/early morning before, with makeup that has run all over my pillow like all normal 18 year olds, NOT sitting up wide awake without a drop of alcohol in my blood stream. Madness, absolute madness!
I think I'm going to get in contact with some Brisvegas peeps that peeps I know know in order to weasel my way into the closest crazy-nightlife-city-crowd on weekends.....once my school work is done anyway.
Here's an extract from last week's work, from an English task titled 'Who Are You?'. So, just in case you haven't yet worked out lil me yet this articulate word vomit should shed some light....presuming of course that you do actually care..... :D

This year I am studying my VCE while I continue to stall the decision of what I am doing and where I am going, using the title of ‘studying’ as my cover to keep my parents off my back, friends from thinking I’m a loser and most of the guilt at bay that has been eating at me. But, I’m also studying so I can continue to ‘nurture’ my writing, and am forced to work at it even when I feel unmotivated and uninspired. Then of course there’s the usual reason of more doors opening up once my VCE is done and I might even have some more options too then from the dreaded fate of a 9 to 5 job, weekends of house maintenance and being manipulated into thinking brats chewing at my ankles is the respectable predicament for a 30-something ‘black-horse’-come-another-face-in-the-crowd.
I have every intention to keep plans to the minimum, my feet far from the ground and no intention of having anything that is even possessed of normality.
Like all kids that existed through most of their schooling as ‘loners’ that had a dog as their best friend and dreamt the days away with books as aids out in the back paddock, I describe myself as different and think greatness must lay in store for me.
This idea hasn’t changed much over the course of the past ten years, even though I’m now aware of
how many kids think that they are special, and I’ve done the math with my calculator and worked out that we can’t all be famous, but bah, I’ll give it a crack anyway.
My sense of identity has been given permission to leave its’ box in only the past year or two due to me discovering competency couldn’t come with confidence, so because of that I’ve discovered a different side to myself that doesn’t have to exclude a social life and crazy teenage behaviour just because I considered myself Jane Austen, The Crocodile-Hunter and Ned Kelly’s love child for so long.

My theory of how that works is rather messy and I left it out of the english task because I didn't think it was quite appropriate.....but....I think it's much more fun in leaving you dear kids to use your imaginations on how such an event would have transpired. So there's your homework for the week.
Feel free to comment on the visual images that popped into your head.
:D :D :D :D

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