Friday, February 8, 2008

Cheap wine and not feelin' fine

Ahhh *burps* it's been a bloody long week and now I'm just a little bit drunk. Marc and I have been on the cheap wine since 5.30pm when I got home from work and it *burp*, yeh has made me not so good. Haha and it's only 8pm. Noice lana, noice.
Well if you can't do this on a Friday than when can you fucking do it?
I've been as busy as a lone rooster in a pen full of horny chickens this week writing stories for the newspaper with little fucking social life. Which is hard when you've just spent the previous year partying and rocking out with ya cock out. Now it's living the sober life of the 8 til 5 worker and studying the rest of the time. Fuck that for a joke.
All my bundy is gone and I didn't buy any more (*pats back*) cause I'm trying to save. What the fuck for I don't know. And back in this depressive little drunk state with sad music playing on the stereo I'm missing my mates back in Melbourne.....not to mention him.
apparently asked my mate how I was going in Queensland last Tuesday night *cries*.
He still knows I exist! I love it when people know you exist. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside *smiles and falls off chair*
I'm due to start the rouseabout job on Monday and I'm expecting to be working with the usual Rednecked "ohh I like that cunt" farm hands. I'll either be like a quiet little self-hating mouse or defensive and witty as buggery, I dunno. Better drink plenty of berocca.... make that [V]......... no actually make that VB. Good thinking kiddo.
Ohh I usually go out on the town on a Friday night and now I'm just sitting here drunk playing with my computer with only my dog, the bottle of wine and the stars for company. And, well, yeh, I guess there is Marc.
Ohh boo hoo.
I'm tired.
Gotta get my history work done.
Fuck it for now.

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