Friday, February 29, 2008

Please read between the lines

An email I just sent to a friend..... (all true.....I'm not being melodramatic). Help me!!!


sorry about the very delayed response. Everything has just been very hectic.....bad hectic, not good hectic though, haha. I got to tell you Queenslanders are freakin' weird man! (no offence), but seriously, I was warned that they were egotistical nutcases, but didn't believe it and after just a few weeks here I've discovered that, yep, they are crazy.

The area I'm in is like a little city without the big buildings or nightlife, everyone seems to be on drugs with dark pasts and the amount of dysfunctional characters that roam around that are 'friends' with the people I live with does your head in.

The street I live on has only about 6 houses with farmland stretching out in every direction, yet even out here, my street has a family of guys that throw raw shit on this other guy's house, a guy that trains his staffies to kill, a 50 year old mentally retarded man who walks up and down the street masturbating, a filthy old man that gropes young girls whose sleeping with his 30 year old nymphomaniac neighbour and don't even get me started on the wacko Kiwi guy I live with. Haha. {that was an extremely strained laugh..... my dry lips nearly cracked with the effort and after remaining in a frown for so long}.

Freakin' weird arse state. I'm already far behind in my school work and I'm due to go back and work at the boring paper in town on Monday when I really just want to join the damn rodeo circuit or pack up and move further West.

SO yehh......exhausting...... are you? :D {Get me outta here!}

Is it cold and stormy in Brissy right now cos it's bloody horrible here! {Can I come live with you!!!??}

Anyhoo, speak later bud {help me! help me! help me! Ohhh please, please help me!}


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