Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Welcome to Rusted Gumption!

G'day my fellow tinny-swilling, slang-talking, mother-luvin, cousin-chasing (depending on how small and remote your town is), sun-baked, inhabitants of this great ever increasingly growing browner continent -Australia!
This is my first crack at some sort of a half-baked website to vent my thoughts and flimsy feelings into, so I hope you (assuming there is a 'you' out there actually reading this) will bear with me while I overcome being computer-retarded and a shit typer. Seriously, I am a shit typer, I type with two fingers! I think shit is an understatement.

Now, i will continue to ignorantly splurt out this virtual diarrhoea in the persistent hope that someone will eventually read it. Pathetic isn't it? Need the comfort of an audience to garnish some scrap of self esteem.
No, no, no *laughs jollily* don't mistake me for some sad, little misfit living on the edge of a cliff, with the hope that I possess some sort of talent as the only rope I've got left to cling onto and hold me back.
That couldn't be further from the truth! For one thing, I'm not little! So hah! I'm actually 5 foot 9 to be exact and secondly......I'm not dangling from any cliff, so set your blessed little hearts and fears to rest of this being some pathetic emo's blog you've stumbled into.
Well, enough random ramblings said.......or rather written, allow me to give some insight to the two-fingered typer that is yours truly!
My name is Lana and I'm an 18 year old living in Melbourne. Unlike most though, I have done a bit of lonesome traveling in the hope of securing my dream of being a farmer. Yes, now your confused aren't you? Tehehehe.

I won't go into too much detail because if you've managed to read this far I value your attention too much to bore you and send you packing.
In short I have grown up in the Western District of Victoria on a farm, have lived in Ararat, Ballarat, worked on a cattle station (when i was 16) in North NSW, attended school in Whittlesea (North of Melb), worked on a horse pre-training property in Euroa and am currently finishing off the last tiny little incy wincy bit of my year 11 at RMIT in Melbourne before hitting that grand open road again and seeing where the wind blows me.
This website (if I stick to it) shall hopefully work as a record of my adventures and misadventures. Assuming there is somebody out there reading this drivel, I hope you will, NO! I BEG (!!!) you to comment and return.

Cheers mateys with lots of beers (virtual beers of course.... I couldn't possibly.....what's that? You want the real thing? Oh don't be so unreasonable.....how am I expected to.......what? Ohh i see.....well, I'll try to forward you the money for beer as soon as my pay check from Centrelink comes through. Humph, so much for free web).


Chuck said...

Welcome to the blogosphere. (As usual, I'm about a year late.) I've been reading some of your archives and I like your writing. It's raw and real.

I hope you continue to get enjoyment out of it.


Lana said...

Same to you. You know you could've just commented on my latest post? Haha.

But ahh, you wild nerds are a breed of your own.

Thanks buddy.