Saturday, November 24, 2007

I woman. I vote. You Tarzan

Haha.....well still nobody has viewed my hapless little ramblings, but I shall soldier on in the hope they will....haha who am I kidding, they won't! So I'm just writing to myself.
Hello lana, how are you? Fine thanks. Yourself? Yes rather good, bit pissed about Rudd being our new PM, goodbye lucky country.
Yeah I probably shouldn't even attempt to begin talking politics, it'd be like a fish describing what flying is like. This year was my first voting. I hadn't wanted to even enroll, hoping I could just spend my life under the radar like some sort of secret person that doesn't seem to exist, cloaked in mystery that keeps fooling the government.
"She seems to exist, yet every election day it's like she was never born! My god man, we must get to the bottom of this!"
But then bloody mum went ahead and enrolled me.
"Mmmmmuuuummmm!!!! Why'd you do that!!??"
"It's the law"
"I don't care, I don't want to bloody vote"
"And I don't want to keep feeding you"
"You heard me"
"Your going to disown me because I won't vote? Since when did you get loyal to the government?"
"Don't argue"

So I did a postal vote a few days before hand. I wish I'd known then you could leave it blank, or better scribble a poem or story across it. That would've been gold. Yes, we children are the future. Haha this country is going straight to hell when my lot take over. First thing on the agenda will be laws against decent exposure. "You there! Remove those clothes at once!"

I was on my way out when Mum slapped the voting sheet in front me and my mind was already concentrated on the night ahead (dancing, drinking, boys, etc..... the nuns that taught me in primary school would be so proud to see me today) as I just scanned it briefly, quite shocked to discover there were THAT many parties. I hastily ran through my options. The only minority party I knew anything about were the Greens, because I've waged a personal war against those wankers when they tried to abolish muelsing (long story short they didn't understand what it was and put alot of already poor farmers further up shit creek).
Then I saw "What Women Want". Initial thought- What the fuck?
But then beneath it I saw something that made me laugh. Every party had the surname of it's leader in bold letters beneath the party. And what do you think the party leader's name was?
So there was a statement is bold print on my election sheet that made a damn good point and made me laugh. "What women want- LOVE". Awwww
I gave them a big 1 for their sense of humour. Why have a leader thats going to uphold our rights when you can have one with a sense of humour?
Cue taking the piss.

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