Sunday, July 20, 2008

WANTED: Validation

Too lazy to add much more. But hope that subtle message hits home. Do it bitches!


NH said...

OK, here's your comment!

Now where's our new material?

Lana said...


There's an 'our'?

NH said...

Has to be more than just me, otherwise this public conversation we're having is a bit creepy...

Lana said...

It is?

From what I can see there's been no mention of the best Gay Bars in Sydney or tips on great foreplay with donkeys, so not sure how the creepiness is applicable.

Not that I'm looking this gift donkey in the mouth or anything (not you nick- your comment- your comment is the gift donkey... that didn't come out right).

God, I hope this is being viewed by the general public, donkeys included :D