Friday, January 4, 2008


Today is a stinker. I had the fan blowing like Paris Hilton all night and all this morning till I woke up at bloody 12pm. Which has become an early time for me to wake up at.
I can already feel your scowls and crinkled brows of disgust coming in waves through this virtual world. What? I'd defend myself saying it hasn't exactly been a choice but there's probably not much point as millions of people out there have crap jobs that they hate yet hack it every day without any spoken complaints.
So I'm paying my 'sowwwwwys' forward now.

Anyhoo....after the usual daily round of fighting words with my arsehole brother I grew increasingly irritable about how beautiful it was outside- 37 degrees, is yes, my idea of beautiful.
So I did the ol' slip, a slopper and a slapper than emerged from my cold little house into the fierce heat. As I walked along I thought what wimps people were to not be out enjoying it also.
I walked to my old man's house and got my dog forcing her to join me.

Maggie normally loves a romp out in the day but, yeh, she is a dog and as I watched her panting little frame stumbling along on the hot bitumen I began to wonder whether this could be classed as animal cruelty.
We got to the oval next to the Nepean Highway and as I began my usual laps around it I tried to get her to just sit still and wait under the shade, but the defiant little beast was having none of that and bravely padded on behind me, lapping up any cold water she found along the way.
On my 5th or 6th lap around I suddenly turned my head to see where she was but couldn't find her. I stopped and saw her about 40 meters back.
She was hunched over furiously snapping at something and to my horror I could see fur flying up from her mouth and into the air. There was something small and grey on the ground trying to struggle away.
I yelled at her but she ignored me.
I hurried over to her to see a tiny little possum at Maggie's mercy.
I screamed at her and batted her off the possum. She immediately cowered away with large clumps of fur still caught in her jaw.
The little thing was lying in the dirt, still moving its' legs in every direction to try and run in vain but they looked broken.
It's fur was matted and missing many large clumps.
As I squatted on my haunches it stared at me with huge brown eyes, wide with fear. It's whole body was beating and shaking furiously.
It would die of shock if I moved it. It would die of further injury if I moved it.
It would get mauled by another animal if I left it on the ground.
I tried to get closer to inspect it and it suddenly crawled towards me and lunged in the air at me.
I hoped that was a sign of recovery but that was just stupid.
It started to crawl around, it's wide eyes always on me.
It was in a great deal of pain and I knew what the humane thing would be to do. What anyone else would do that had seen as many animals die as I had.
But I couldn't bring myself to break its' neck.
I was scared I wouldn't break it properly and cause it further pain.
It was so helpless and small.
So I just uselessly sat a few meters away from it till it slowly died.
It's heart was beating so fast and I thought it would never stop.
Eventually it's bright wide eyes began to close like it was sleepy and its' little frame began to roll over till it lay on it's side with its' mouth nestled in the dust like a peaceful little puppy napping.
Once I was certain it's heart had completely stopped I stood up and walked away before the rest of the ants came.
That's life though.

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