Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I just looked at the clock and realised that in exactly two hours I would've been back in Melbourne for exactly a week. Yep, that's right, I sauntered home with my tail between my legs exactly a week ago. There were things suddenly coming up back here anyway that I was coming back for, but things just got unbearable in the few days before I suddenly went 'fuck it' up in Queensland.

It wasn't just because my housemate went from funny annoying to shit-scarily obsessive; it wasn't just because all work I had lined up ran dry; it wasn't just because life was as fun as slamming my head against a brick wall- everything just wasn't worth the hell I was putting myself through while still trying to do my year 12 through distance education.

But luckily since I've been back I've kept myself in a haze of preoccupation that's just misty enough for me to not start beating myself about failing yada yada yada.

But anyhoo, I'm back for a bit and will just try to catch up in all my late school work in between getting shit faced every weekend and running amuck with my mental mates till I head off somewhere else. At this stage I'm thinking Mt Hotham for the snow season to be become a ski instructor. The fact that I've only ever seen snow once in my life is beside the point.

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